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Gourd Speckled Circular Earrings

Gourd Speckled Circular Earrings

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Hand Crafted Natural Speckled Beige Gourd Circular Earrings. Little Corn Island Collection 


Gourd is a typically large fruit with a very hard skin that hangs from a climbing or trailing plant. When it dries out it is a perfect natural material for making gifts. It has been used to make bowls, instruments, jewellery, bottles, ladles and much more. I found this Gourd washed up on the beaches of Little Corn Island. 


  • The Gourd is hand cut, sanded and then hand painted 
  • Each piece is 100% unique with its own unique markings 
  • Hung on silver hooks 
  • Gift with a Cotton Drawstring Bag


Circular Pendant: 2 inches and hang 2.5 inches.

Cant find what you are looking for? Want a custom design? Email us with the design you are looking for and we will hand craft this especially for you. 

This is a natural, Eco Friendly product. 

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