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Hand Painted Gourd Reindeer

Hand Painted Gourd Reindeer

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Personalised Hand Cut and Hand Painted GOURD REINDEER hung on a 1mm Cotton Cord. Mandala Heart Red & Gold, sustainable hemp cord, Eco Friendly Natural Gift. 

Bringing the outdoors in. 


These handcrafted Gourd Ornaments are made from Gourd collected on the beaches of Little Corn Island Nicaragua. The Gourd is washed up from the ocean and left to dry, cut and sanded down to make beautiful Ornaments. I then Hand Paint them with Acrylic Paints and finish with a varnish. 


Gourd is a typically large fruit with a very hard skin that hangs from a climbing or trailing plant. When it dries out it is a perfect natural material for making gifts. It has been used to make bowls, instruments, Jewellery, bottles, ladles, and much more. 

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