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Coconut Shell Hand Painted Pendant Green

Coconut Shell Hand Painted Pendant Green

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Hand Crafted Coconut Shell Hand Painted Pendant - Green & White Dot Art

This is a Caribbean collection. The Coconut Shell was collected from discarded coconut on Little Corn Island. After the coconut has been harvested and used for making coconut oil on a small island in the Caribbean, I collected the coconut shells and turn them into pieces of Jewellery. the are sanded and polished down to a shine. 


  • The Coconut Shell Pendant is hand cut and then polished down to a shine and left natural
  • Each piece is 100% unique with its own unique markings 
  • Unisex Pendant 
  • Hung on a 1mm Black Cotton Cord
  • Pendants are sustainably gift boxed to ship 


The Surfboard Pendant is 2.25 inches in length and hangs a maximum length of 27inches

A perfect unisex gift made of upcycled materials.

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