Individually Hand Crafted Natural Products

We just LOVE all things Natural & strive to reduce our environmental footprint. Our passion is travel so reducing our plastic waste, is our way of giving a little back to our planet!

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For The LOVE of Coconuts

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  • Natural Creations

    Natural Products

    Our Products consist of crafting out of discarded Coconut Shell, collected washed up Gourd, air dried clay crafted by hand and anything else we can get our hands on, which helps reduce plastic waste.

  • Gourd washed up on a Caribbean Beach, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, Natural Material, Gourd Jewellery

    We Value Individuality, Uniqueness & Our Planet

    Our Gourd Collection is up-cycled from washed up gourd, collected on the Caribbean beaches of Little Corn Island. Each gourd is individual and completely unique. We just LOVE its look!

Wear Natural, Wear Handmade, Gift Responsibly!

Where did it all begin? Living on a small Caribbean Island, Jo started crafting out of discarded coconut shells, left from her neighbours who produced coconut oil. Returning to Cornwall, Jo wanted to bring a little piece of the Caribbean to Cornwall & carried on crafting with coconut (a little more difficult to find now!) Joining forces with her Sister Beth who crafts out of clay, together they handmake creative products, handcrafted for you!