About Us

We are two sisters who love to travel & have spent most of our lives by the ocean. We believe that reducing our environmental footprint & creating plastic free gifts is one way of being able to give back to our planet!



Hi I'm Jo, Founder and Creator of Jojito Creations. In 2019, life brought this Cornish lass to Little Corn Island, in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Nicaragua. My neighbours on the island collected wheelbarrows full of coconuts to produce & distribute coconut oil. Walking past huge piles of discarded coconut shell daily, my curiosity and the desire to be creative, led me to experimenting with making my own coconut shell necklace. I discovered a passion for tools, working with my hands and crafting out of anything natural that I could up-cycle. Adding to this, my love of art led me to add a splash of vibrant colours to some of these pieces! In 2021, life took me from the Caribbean to Cornwall (my home town), where I brought a little piece of the Caribbean with me and joined forces with my sister who makes customised pieces out of clay.  


Hi, I'm Beth. I was living in an apartment in London during Covid, with no garden or even a balcony! I needed a way of not only passing time, but to have a creative outlet. I turned to crafting with clay, which I ended up hanging from every corner of my home! When my sister Jo moved home, I was keen to join forces with Jojito Creations and offer personalised gifts. I wanted to work with a natural product. Growing up by the sea & travelling to many oceanside destinations, I like many others, are horrified by the amount of plastic I personally witness in the ocean & washed up on the beaches. Creating gifts that are plastic free is something that I really believe in. I hang all my products on natural jute or cotton string and giftbox as sustainably as I can by reusing, where possible.